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Understanding the Different Types of Air Conditioning Systems

When it comes to cooling and heating your home effectively throughout the year, one of the best ways to do it is to invest in air conditioning. Installed correctly by professional Kent air con specialists, it can be an energy-efficient and cost-effective way of keeping your home comfortable. Here’s a guide to understanding the different types of air conditioning systems available.

Split and multi-split systems

These – as their name suggests are characterised by two different components, their internal and external units. They’re connected by a system of electrical cables and pipework, facilitate the cooling agent (the same kind that’s used in fridges and freezers), and allow it to circulate between them. The way they’re configured means they look more aesthetically pleasing and look unobtrusive. Many modern installations of split systems also offer remote management and have heat pumps which means they’re perfect for all-year-round use.

Multi-split systems are great for homes that require air conditioning in lots of different rooms and they work well in properties of medium to large sizes, providing climate control solutions for various needs.

Ducted systems

These are regarded as one of the most versatile, yet discreet air conditioning systems on the market today. Ducted systems might not be as suitable for homes or spaces with multiple rooms, in which the occupants all require temperature settings that are different. If individual temperature preferences need to be considered a ducted system is the preferred type of air conditioning then the best practice is to install multiple ducted units in the ceiling.

This will allow each user to take control over the temperature settings in their rooms, and avoid any arguments over the right, comfortable climate in each space!

Ducted air conditioning systems are a very efficient solution for maintaining a comfortable environment in bigger spaces.

Portable units

Portable air con systems are a very convenient solution for indoor spaces. Usually fitted with castors on the base, they are self-contained and can be moved around to any room, where there’s a nearby window and an electrical socket.

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They work in the same way as traditional air conditioning systems – but are simply portable and are designed to remove excess heat and moisture from the air. The heat must be expelled through a hose – connected to a window or vent, removing the warm air from the room. They use one of three methods to do this. The first of these is self-evaporation, the second is gravity drain, or lastly, they might use an internal receptacle. Many modern models favour the self-evaporation method, which removes moisture (along with warm air) through the exhaust vent.

They’re convenient and compact and they have a stand-alone design, which puts all the necessary features of a traditional air conditioner into a single unit and are a great solution for people who live in smaller spaces such as flats, with little to no room.

Considering air conditioning for your home? Then Sub Cool can help you decide which system is right for you and talk you through every stage of the process. It doesn’t need to cost the earth, and it has the potential to offer extra curb appeal to your dwelling.



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