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Customize Your Style with a Bespoke Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket is a versatile staple that can take your outfit from drab to fab. This iconic jacket style has been around since the early 1900s and remains a popular fashion piece even today.

While you can find readymade bomber jackets at many stores, getting a customized bomber jacket allows you to add a personal touch and showcase your unique style.

A custom or bespoke bomber jacket offers numerous benefits that set it apart from off-the-rack versions. Read on to learn why you should get a tailored bomber jacket and how to design your dream piece.

Why Choose a Custom Bomber Jacket?

Here are some key reasons to invest in a bomber jacket tailored specially for you:

Perfect Fit

One of the biggest perks of custom clothing is the ability to get an impeccable fit.

When you buy readymade varsity jackets, you’re limited to standard sizes that may not accommodate your body shape and proportions. This can lead to a loose, baggy fit or too-tight squeeze.

With a bespoke bomber jacket, you provide your exact measurements so the jacket is constructed to fit you flawlessly. No more awkward bagging or pulling at the seams.

Premium Quality Materials

Big brands mass produce their jackets, which means using cheaper, low-grade materials to cut costs.

Custom jacket makers use high-end leathers, linings, and hardware you select. This results in a bomber that looks great and will last for years.

Personalized Style

Readymade bomber jackets come in set colors and designs. Although you can find different variations, the options are still limited.

Going custom allows you to dictate every design detail – from the leather hue to the liner print. Add your own graphics, patches, embroidered elements, and other touches to craft a jacket that’s distinctly you.

Cost Savings

Surprisingly, ordering a custom leather jacket can cost about the same or less than big brand versions.

You cut out the brand markup and middlemen costs by purchasing directly from the maker. And you get a product made just for you rather than mass manufactured.

How to Design Your Bespoke Bomber Jacket

Creating your personalized bomber jacket is an exciting process. Follow these steps for customizing your flawless-fitting fashion piece:

Choose a Style

Bomber jackets come in a variety of silhouettes, including:

  • Classic bomber – the iconic style with rib-knit collar, cuffs, and waistband. It has a zipper front closure.
  • Aviator/flight jacket – a military-inspired style with snug cuffs and waistband. Features loads of pockets and flaps.
  • Varsity jacket – a baseball jacket style with contrast sleeves, knit cuffs and collar, and snap closures. College or sport team patches are common.
  • Suede bomber – offers a more elegant look and feel than leather versions. Works for dressier occasions.

Once you decide on the bomber style, it’s time to customize every element.

Choose the Fabric

The fabric or leather determines the overall look and durability. Consider:

  • Leather – leather bomber jackets have a classic, edgy vibe. Top grain lambskin is soft and flexible. Cow and goatskin offer more ruggedness.
  • Suede – provides a soft hand-feel and refined finish. Ideal for a dressy bomber jacket.
  • Cotton – choose cotton canvas or twill for a lightweight casual bomber.
  • Wool – wool fabric like melton or boiled wool brings warmth for cold weather.
  • Nylon – nylon fabrication results in a wind and water-resistant bomber jacket perfect for activities.

Pick a high-quality material that matches your personal style and intended use.

Select the Color

Bomber jackets look stellar in bold brights, neutrals like black or brown, or even unique patterns.

For leather and suede jackets, your options include classic black, tan, cognac, navy, maroon, olive, grey, white, and more.

Cotton and wool bombers can feature color blocks, plaids, photo prints, and other eye-catching designs.

Choose hues and patterns that complement your complexion and wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to experiment with an unexpected shade.

Pick the Lining

A bomber’s lining finishes the inside and provides extra warmth. Consider linings like:

  • Silk – lightweight and comfortable. Offers sheen.
  • Cotton – soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking. Affordable option.
  • Polyester – durable and wrinkle-resistant.
  • Wool – warm and insulating.
  • Fur – luxurious and extremely warm.
  • Quilted – puffy padding for maximum warmth.

The lining should suit your climate and wardrobe purposes. Get creative with bold prints or patterns if you want a fun inner jacket surprise.

Add Custom Graphics

One of the best parts of a custom bomber jacket is adding unique graphic elements. You have numerous options:

  • Embroidery – get words, names, logos, or designs embroidered anywhere on the jacket. It makes for a head-turning focal point.
  • Patches – sew on patches representing sports teams, colleges, music groups, hobbies, and more. They add personality.
  • Screen Prints – choose bold graphics or artistic prints to screen print onto cotton or nylon bombers.
  • Paint – hand painted details give a one-of-a-kind look. Consider flames, nature scenery or abstract art.

Let your custom graphics reflect your interests, creativity, and passions.

Select Hardware

Don’t overlook the hardware elements. For leather jackets, opt for:

  • Riri, YKK or Talon zippers – known for reliability and smooth gliding.
  • Solid metal snaps – long lasting and comes in various finishes. Avoid plastic snaps.
  • Heavy duty rivets – reinforce stress points like pocket corners.
  • Metal buckles and grommets – add decorative flair.

High-quality hardware keeps your custom bomber jacket looking great for years.

Finding the Right Custom Bomber Jacket Company

Once you’ve conceptualized your dream design, it’s time to find a company to bring it to life. Seek out brands that:

  • Specialize in made-to-order men’s and women’s leather jackets
  • Offer quality leathers, linings, and hardware
  • Have good reviews for fit, construction and service
  • Provide design assistance and good communication
  • Offer reasonable pricing with no hidden fees
  • Ship internationally

Taking the time to find the ideal custom jacket maker results in a stunner piece made just for you.

FAQs About Custom Bomber Jackets

Still have some questions about getting your own tailored bomber jacket? Here are answers to some commonly asked queries.

How much does a custom bomber jacket cost?

Pricing varies but expect to invest $200 – $500 for a leather version. Less expensive options are cotton and nylon styles starting around $100. More complex designs with extra elements will be pricier.

What is the process of ordering?

You choose the bomber jacket style and customize the materials, hardware, graphics, etc. Provide your measurements and approve the design mockup. Production takes 2-4 weeks in most cases.

Can I return a custom bomber if I don’t like it?

Most companies don’t allow returns on custom orders. Be sure you are happy with every detail before approving it for production.

How long will a bespoke bomber jacket last?

With a quality leather and proper care, expect at least 10 years of wear. Less rugged materials may last around 5 years.

A bomber jacket is a versatile staple that can take your outfit from drab to fab. This iconic jacket style has been

What size should I order?

Provide your precise measurements for an accurate fit. If between sizes, size up for a looser fit or down for a slimmer fit.

Express Yourself with a Custom Bomber Jacket

A tailored bomber jacket lets you make a bold style statement. By customizing every detail, you can create a look that’s distinctly you.

Investing in a quality bespoke bomber made just for you results in a perfect fit you’ll love for years.

So unleash your inspiration to design a custom bomber jacket from Clothoo in your ideal colors, fabrics, graphics and details. This wardrobe essential will become your new favorite way to showcase your personal flair.

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