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How Smartphones Have Transformed Our Lives Over The Past Decade

With continuous technological advancement, smartphones have revolutionised our way of living and boosted our productivity many folds. According to some recent studies, there were only 1 billion smartphone users in 2014, but now the number is 5 billion, and by 2027, it is expected to reach 6 billion users. And it is not surprising at all.

From net banking, online shopping, and playing games in VWIN to healthcare services, the penetration of smartphones in every aspect is pretty impressive. Within the last decade, smartphones have evolved greatly to incorporate smoothly into our daily lifestyle. So, let’s explore the impact of smartphones and how they helped transform people’s lives in the below article!

Mobile Banking

With the emergence of mobile banking, many have already stopped visiting banks to make transactions. With this easy and seamless mobile banking, people can check balances, transfer funds, or even set up a new account.

Many financial institutions have even created mobile apps to offer a convenient banking experience to their customers. The best part is that you can finish all your baking work without waiting in line for hours. You can also do your banking work anytime with its 24/7 availability; just ensure you have a stable internet connection on your phone.


Nowadays, it is easy to stay entertained for hours without getting bored while travelling or waiting in queue by using plenty of useful apps on your smartphone. Thanks to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, users can seamlessly come across millions of apps, some of which are even free to use.

The app stores make navigation much easier, that you don’t have to scroll for hours to find the perfect apps. Not only are their apps organised in categories, but with their search bar option, you can easily find the one you want. Whether you’re downloading a video gaming app, Spotify, YouTube or Netflix, you can do it within a few minutes and enjoy.

Navigation & Travel

Whether driving an unknown road or vacationing in a foreign country, smartphones make reaching the correct location easy. Smartphones can access built-in web mapping services that help users travel from one location to another and even get a 360-degree view of that place. This map app lets you see real-time traffic updates and change your route to reach your destination on time. Some apps even come with features like allowing you to plan a route when you travel a country by car, public transport, or foot and give you instructions on reaching there while estimating your travel time.


With the popularity of telehealth services, smartphones can be useful tools for your health. Nowadays, healthcare providers offer Medical Apps that you can use to book an appointment with doctors using your smartphone whenever you want. Some medical apps even let you file a request for labs and also hire caretakers. Smartphone built-in apps are also helpful in terms of improving your health. You can connect it to a smartwatch or other gadgets and monitor your daily diet and physical activities.



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