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KeepStreams for Apple TV Plus: The Best Alternative to CleverGet Apple TV+ Downloader

What Is Apple TV+?

Apple TV+ is a popular streaming service that features from compelling shows to kid’s entertainment. When you purchase an Apple device, you will enjoy a three-month free trial of Apple TV+ content. Great Apple TV+ shows such as the classic Ted Lasso and the recent Monarch: Legacy of Monsters leave an indelible mark on many viewers’ memories. 

Owing to the official downloading restrictions, many Apple TV+ enthusiasts are turning to third-party downloaders. Official Apple TV+ downloads expire after 30 days, which can be truly inconvenient. With a premium Apple TV+ downloader, you can keep your favorite shows indefinitely and enjoy additional features like fast, ad-free downloads. We recommend you use CleverGet Apple TV+ Downloader or KeepStreams for Apple TV Plus to ensure you never miss a moment of your favorite content and share the joy of watching with your loved ones.

What Is CleverGet Apple TV+ Downloader?

CleverGet Apple TV+ Downloader is a fair Apple TV+ downloader. One of the highlights of CleverGet Apple TV+ Downloader is that the subtitles of your Apple TV+ downloads can be saved in SRT or SUP files. It also detects and removes pop-up ads. Although this feature is a standard feature of a good downloader, CleverGet users can enjoy their favorite shows and movies anytime, anywhere.

Nonetheless, after testing CleverGet Apple TV+ Downloader, we came to a somewhat disappointing conclusion, that CleverGet Apple TV+ Downloader has a few drawbacks which will potentially harm viewers’ watching experience. 

Firstly, the speed to download videos from CleverGet Apple TV+ Downloader does not meet our expectations. Prior to our experiment, we made an assumption that downloading from CleverGet is five times faster than from Apple TV+. However, the results showed that the former is only two to three times faster than the latter on average.

Secondly, we discovered that there are many areas for improvement in providing essential support for first trial users. Generally speaking, first trial users are easy to monetize for an online vendor. Driven by the mentality “why not give it a go, after all it’s free”, first trial Apple TV+ lovers start to download CleverGet Apple TV+ Downloader and will eventually buy it if they think it meets their needs. Unfortunately, CleverGet should have done more to improve their experience by offering free technical support.

If you seek an alternative to CleverGet Apple TV+ Downloader, we recommend you use KeepStreams for Apple TV Plus.

What Is KeepStreams for Apple TV Plus?

Why Use KeepStreams for Apple TV Plus?

KeepStreams for Apple TV Plus is the best alternative to CleverGet Apple TV Downloader. It offers a seamless way to download your favorite Apple TV+ shows and movies in high quality. It supports downloading videos in up to 480p resolution. H264 video codec and AAC 2.0 sound channel revolutionize the offline watching experience. Plus, all your content is saved in highly-compatible MP4/MKV formats which means you can play them on almost any device. 

The user-friendly interface and fast downloading speed (5 times faster than downloading from the official Apple TV+ downloader) make it a top choice for Apple TV+ fans. Additionally, all the shows and series on Apple TV+ can be batch-downloaded ad-free by KeepStreams for Apple TV Plus. Whether you’re traveling or in an area with limited internet access, KeepStreams ensures you never miss out on your favorite content.

More importantly, KeepStreams for Apple TV Plus is characterized by its customer-orientation. At the initial stage of drafting this article, some anonymous KeepStreams users wrote to us that they felt KeepStreams customer service was prototypical. When they were frustrated by technical issues, no matter who they were, first trial users or regular customers, they were all treated equally and no issue was left unsolved with the help of KeepStreams’ technical team. 

How to Use KeepStreams for Apple TV Plus?

  • Download and install KeepStreams.
  • Launch KeepStreams.
  • Find Apple TV+ under VIP Services.
  • Log in to your Apple TV+ Account and find the content you want to download.
  • Set up your downloads and click Download Now.

Plans and Pricing of KeepStreams for Apple TV Plus

  • Starting at $23.99 per month but we recommend its yearly plan at $59.99 per year.
  • If you a fanatic of Apple TV+ with the need to batch download movies and shows from Apple TV+, we recommend the lifetime plan at $119.99.
  • If you’d like to download videos from lots of streaming platforms, KeepStreams One is a perfect choice, with which you can unlock downloading services from 40+ websites including Netflix, Disney+ and so on for $249.99

A Comparison of KeepStreams for Apple TV Plus and CleverGet Apple TV+ Downloader

KeepStreams for Apple TV Plus CleverGet Apple TV+ Downloader
Recommendation 5/5 4/5
Download Quality  5/5 5/5
Compatibility 5/5 5/5
Rapid Download 5/5 4/5
Customer service 5/5 4/5



Q1: Can You Download Apple TV+ Shows?

A1: Yes. You can download TV+ Shows from Apple TV+ official or through third-party downloaders such as KeepStreams for Apple TV Plus. We strongly advise you to take the latter because despite it costs you more, you will enjoy better downloading and offline watching. For example, your downloads through downloaders will always be secure and will not expire after 30 days. 

Q2: What Is the Most Recommended Apple TV+ Downloader?

A2: The most recommended is KeepStreams for Apple TV Plus. It has extraordinary features tailored to Apple Plus fans’ needs and more importantly, KeepStreams downloading is more rapid and the customer service of KeepStreams is more professional.

Q3: How to Download on Apple TV+?

A3: Open the Apple TV+ app, search for the content you want to download, click on it and click Download. You can locate your downloads within LibraryDownloaded.



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