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Traditional V/S Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning Service: Which Is Impactive

With the terrible effects of pollution, humanity is moving towards a greener planet. Traditional toxic and dangerous products have been replaced by eco-friendly machinery and eco-friendly materials. 

The dry cleaning industry has also accepted eco-friendly techniques for cleaning clothes and other materials. Traditional dry cleaning is more effective than eco-friendly dry cleaning. For a better understanding, let’s compare eco-friendly dry cleaning to traditional dry cleaning service and procedures:

Traditional V/S Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning Service

  • Power of cleaning:

It is believed that traditional techniques of dry cleaning are more successful than eco-friendly options, and this needs to be clarified. Because of its low surface tension, liquid silicone doesn’t bead up the top of the fabric. In fact, it gets inside the clothes to get rid of smells and stains. 

A lot of people believe that using environmentally friendly dry cleaning services makes their clothes much more clean. Knowing that liquid silicone has no smell, it even smells better.

  • Softness After Cleaning:

You should expect that your clothing will feel scratchy and stiff after using a standard dry cleaning. The materials feel stiff and uncomfortable due to the harsh chemicals. Therefore, you might not enjoy dressing in your clothes. 

Eco-friendly dry cleaning solutions are mild yet effective enough to remove stains and smells. You should expect that your garments will feel soft upon return. Using an environmentally friendly dry cleaning service will improve the look and feel of your clothing.

  • Clothing Bags:

Clothes from traditional dry cleaning cleaners are sent home in plastic bags. Marine life and the environment are both at risk from plastic. Every year, some 8 million tonnes of plastic enter the water, and as it ages, the material can get stronger and more resilient. Regrettably, marine life may become tangled in plastic and die.

Eco-friendly dry cleaning cleaners don’t use regular plastic bags, as they care about the environment. You get a reusable garment bag when you use such a dry cleaning service, so you won’t have to worry about plastic waste affecting the environment. It can be used for more than just dry cleaning safety. For example, eco-friendly clothing bags can be used as laundry bags and clothes hampers. It’s even functional as a duffel bag.

  • The hangers included with the dry cleaning:

There are more reasons to be concerned about using a traditional dry cleaning service beyond plastic bags. Additionally, wire hangers will be provided at home with your clothing. Usually, wire hangers wind up in landfills, which causes overfilling. 

You shouldn’t keep adding wire hangers to the landfill because there is only so much room left. Your clothes will come back on recyclable hangers rather than wire ones if you hire an eco-friendly dry cleaning cleaner. Because these hangers were designed to be reused, throwing them away won’t have a negative environmental impact.

  • Energy Efficiency at the Location

Energy efficiency is frequently not a big concern for traditional dry cleaners. These businesses already generate garbage from plastic and wire and release hazardous chemicals into the environment. Most won’t make the time to move to an energy-efficient facility as a result. 

Fortunately, eco-friendly dry cleaning comes with an energy-efficient service guarantee. Eco-friendly dry cleaning services are always searching for innovative approaches to increase the energy efficiency of their establishments. They reduce their energy use and carbon footprint by adhering to best practices. By taking your clothes to an eco-friendly dry cleaning, you can contribute to the preservation of the environment.

  • Delivery Services 

Dry cleaners that are eco-friendly and traditional both provide pick-up and delivery services. However, it is the level of their similarities. eco-friendly dry cleaners use fuel-efficient cars, whereas traditional dry cleaners usually use vans that consume a lot of petrol. 

Compared to traditional vans, these cars have around twice the fuel efficiency. This is just one more way environmentally conscious dry cleaners contribute to lessening their influence on the environment.

  • Comparing Prices:

You will also notice a difference in price. Traditional dry cleaners sometimes charge ridiculous rates for their services. These dry cleaners have a more significant cost because toxic chemicals are costly. Furthermore, a large number of them rent rather than own their facilities. It increases the overhead. 

You should anticipate saving money on the service because eco-friendly dry cleaning detergents are more reasonably priced. Additionally, there is an organic dry cleaner that owns its locations. You can save even more money after that. When overhead is low, it is simple to offer a lower price, so if you want to save money, you must use such a service.


Traditional dry cleaning is effective but potentially harsh on clothes and the environment. Eco-friendly options are gentler, but may not tackle tough stains. Hello Laundry offers both traditional and eco-friendly dry cleaning, allowing you to choose the best method for your garments. They can ensure a clean that’s both effective and sustainable.

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