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Why Foam Floor Mats Qualify as One of the Best Flooring Options

For quality garage flooring, gym flooring or kids’ playroom flooring, you might want to use your money on foam floor mats. 

They’re cheap and flexible and you will love using them. Plus, you won’t be sorry after installing them. In this post, we can take a look at why foam floor mats excel at doing the job they do and how they do that. 

Just a Sec! Should We Know About the Foam Material of the Mats?

We should.

If you are in the community shopping foam floor mats online, then you might discover that the mats are often confused with rubber mats. 

Not that rubber mats are bad at doing their job; they and foam floor mats are not the same. Foam is a different material than rubber. Foam, by its chemical nature, is a synthetic product. 

Chemically, you can call foam as Ethenyl-Vinyl acetate or EVA. Sounds a little too complex? Well, you can consider this as a type of liquid polymer synthesised into a foam product. 

Why foam floor mats are popular, though? We can learn about that on the next point.

Why do Foam Floor Mats Make Garage Flooring Easy? 

Garage flooring is a project where you have to be careful when administering the product you want to use. If it is foam floor mats, then you might not have to worry much about the quality of your garage flooring.

However, we have other areas we need to check about garage flooring. The points mentioned below can help you find out more about them:

  • Let’s Be Honest: They Are Resistant to Water

If you are choosing quality foam floor mats for garage flooring, then you can be assured of the water-repellant nature of the foam. 

Because of its plastic nature, foam never lets water accumulate on its surface. In a more technical sense, foam never soaks or absorbs water. 

This helps the material to stay water-resistant even if your work includes splashing of water on the floor for a long period. 

You just wipe it clean. That’s exactly how foam floor mats make garage floors easy to maintain. 

  • Let’s Be Even More Honest: They Are Cheap

Compared to other flooring options, foam floor mats are very affordable. Because foam floor mats are available widely and from almost any manufacturer you find in your locality, they are cost-effective. 

However, you might get them in a more cost-effective way if you choose to buy them per your requirements. You can personalize it with interlocking foam floor mats. With interlocking foam floor mats, you can save on the cost of installation. It might as well help you find meaningful investment choices. 

  • You Don’t Need an Underlayer for the Foam Flooring 

For quality garage flooring, you don’t have to find out a separate underlaying option. You can easily set the foam floor mats and get with your work. Since, interlocking foam floor mats are easy to set and then to detach, you won’t have a problem furnishing them up on the floor. 

However, there is something about these mats we often miss out on appreciating. You see, you need an underlayer because you are looking at insulation. Foam is a material that itself is insulating. So, even if you have a colder floor underneath, you won’t feel the chill coming up through the foam floor mats. 

This again works to reduce overall costs regarding the installation of the mats. 

  • Another Obvious Fact: It’s Easy to Clean Them

So, you have spilt your morning coffee all over your foam floors. That means fresh coffee stains. Well, what we fear more than that is when that coffee soaks in the mat, almost like it does when there’s carpet. 

Well, foam floor mats are not carpet. 

They are water and liquid-resistant. This means you can clean it off plainly with a mop and a broomstick. Or you can use a microfiber cloth to wipe out the coffee.

To clean oily products, such as grease, car oil, etc., you might need to use special products. However, grease and oil do not stick to the foam floor mats in that ‘stubborn’ sense. You will have an easy and comfortable time cleaning grease from these mats. 

To Conclude

Hope this post has helped you with a few points to reveal the true nature of foam floor mats for your garage flooring. However, get in touch with a professional manufacturer. They can tell you more about the kind of foam floor mats you want to use depending on the type of garage and the category of work you do inside it. 



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